About Me

Wuz up, y'alls!
I'm E.

And welcome to my blog! This is my About Me Page I made for you, so you know why I'm like "CHRISTMAS!!!!!" or "TAYLOR SWIFT! 
*excited, happy, SCREAM*" 

I am 11 years old. I'm to be 12 on January 6.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
I <3 the color yellow, country music, and ice cream.


1. I just don't really like bacon.

2. ICE CREAM is for anytime of the year.

3. I'm not a big 'texter'.

4. Winter is the bomb-diggety for me. Summer, not so much.

5.I have a crazy obsession with all things Christmas. No lie.

6. I'm allergic to like, almost every body wash and lotion and possibly shampoo there is. It's quite annoying.

7. Taylor Swift is amazing. 

8. Carrie Underwood is amazing.

9. I love dolls. 

10. I'm so sick of unicorns and mustaches. Everyone has just gone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy and I mean wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to far with those two, little things. (Ugh. "You are a unicorn?" "Mustache purse, shirt, necklace, and blog background? Uhh... Heck to the no!")


Thank you for visiting my blog y'all. Have an amazing, wonderful, FANTABULOUS day!

(: E :) 


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