Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's to 2013

Oh. My. Gosh.

The last day, er, night (I should say) of 2013!
This year had been such an amazing year. 
I learned so much this year-from learning to be outgoing (which I accomplished! ;) to a few life lessons along the way.

I just really hope you guys have a FANTABULOUS 2014. 

(photos not mine)

But I also have some more to say.

I have really enjoyed keeping this blog.
I love blogging.
I just have lost interest in keeping this blog.
So I'm creating a new blog. There will be more photography, fashion, AG opinions, and what not. I feel that this blog just doesn't really have a purpose. At first when I created Anything & Everything Forever, E, I wanted to post about more than just about American Girl which what I was doing on Forever American Girl (obviously!). But now all I feel like I'm doing now is just posting pictures and randomly saying hello to the world at times. I'm not even kidding. All I feel like I'm doing now is just well, posting post. I feel as if I'm more posting for my entertainment rather then my follower's. Now I'm not saying on my new blog I'm gonna stuff that isn't my personality, or something I don't like. 
I hope you understand. I will post later about my new blog.

With further ado, Happy New Year!!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

New Years Excitement & What Not

I am pretty sad Christmas is over, but wayyyyyy to excited for the New Year's! Since 2014 is coming, I want a fresh start.

Okay, I have a few questions for you all.
I reaaaalllyyy want some more followers, so, I want to know, what do you want to see me post? 

More of my photography?
Writing pieces?

I'm thinking of creating a new blog, just to get a fresh start.
To post more of what YOU want. Now, I'm not sayin' I will completely change the idea of what I post about. Just more photos (mine, and pretty ones I find on the Internet), opinions on (random) things, and possibly more updates and such on what's going on with me. 
What do you think?
I'm planning on creating it soon, like maybe today if I can't help myself.

I would also like to share my real name, but I'm not allowed. Mine as well create a new nickname, that's a little bit more fun than "E." 

So, please! Tell me!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Oh Lorde (the singer ;), I can't believe it is Christmas Eve. Oh, Lorde (the singer yet once again-my little joke :) 

Christmas Eve.


I'm still thinkin' it's like, December 1st.

Well, I hope y'all have the most wonderful of holidays, and even if you don't celebrate Christmas, hope you have a FANTABULOUS December 25th! Happy Holidays!!!!!! :D

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

(I'm sorry I don't have picture of my AG dollies.) 

(photos NOT mine)


Saturday, December 21, 2013


Why. Why? Honestly. Why are so many people insecure these days? Honestly. It's just plain sad. 
Everyone keeps worrying about the littlest things. And when I mean little, I mean tiny

Like for instance, thigh gaps. Okay....that's just creepy. Creepy. Who actually wants that? If I had that it would annoy me.

I get zits. I don't like them, but does that make me insecure? No. I'm not even kidding-I tell myself to suck it up and that there are people dying.

Who cares? Everyone is different.

I find insecurity the biggest waste of time there could ever be. 
The thing that people don't get is that everyone is different. Stop comparing yourself, and worrying about the tiniest things. 


Now, I want to tell you why I'm posting this. 
I'm sick.
I'm tired.
OF ALL THIS ABSURD SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE HUMAN RACE. For being all insecure, immodest, etc. 
I'm tired of seeing everyone throw 20 trillion gallons of make-up on their face. 
I'm sick of insecurity.
How did it even start?
Well, I don't know. But I don't like it. 

Do you?


I just needed to share it.


Friday, December 20, 2013


Now you are thinking ". . .five days 'till Christmas Anna! What's with the summer-y paper cranes doing hangin' by a string, on a tree?" Honestly. What else was I supposed to do? I live in a place with extremely warm climates, and plus, I was bored. B-O-R-E-D. Ugh. Before I get to what I'm actually talking about, let's just start with the beginning.

I have always had a love for origami. 

It was the only origami paper we had. Well, I had. I have received a lot this special kind of paper in the past three years, telling people I would use it for something big later.

So that's what I did.

And it was worth every moment of it.

Can't you see why?

| | |

"It's all about dreams. It's all about making the best out of everything."
-Carrie Underwood

"Keep moving forward. Because you got something they don't."
-Taylor Swift

I didn't Find a quote by Kyla Ross, but I bet she's thinking the same thing as those two. ^

| | |

 You know, there is this one quote I saw on my math assignment.
I don't know who said this certain quote, but this is what it had stated:

"There are no stupid questions. Just stupid answers."
Or, it said something like that.

And I thought about it.
And I thought, that is so true.

Just think about that quote for me, okay? :)

| | |

I really hope y'all enjoyed this.
I was super inspired emboldened, and I needed to show you why.
Well, for days and a night. ;)


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giveaway Deadline Extended

Um, well, no one has entered my giveaway yet :(, and the deadline is was supposed tomorrow, but no one has entered. The deadline will be extended to Saturday, December 21 (2013). I would really appreciate if you would enter! :) (Believe me, what you will get will be awesome!)

Please spread the word about this giveaway!

You can enter at the post below. 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Funday #7 + a giveaway!!!

True dat. :)

This makes me happy. If you've never seen the goat scream remixes, well, they will make you so happy even though it's just another stupid viral thing.

I'm not even kidding. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. How perfect can she possibly sing?!

(click to view larger) I just love these. Hands down.

Now for the giveway!
But here's the deal.
What am I giving away?
Well, it's a surprise! The holidays are full of surprises so, I ain't gonna tell ya!

you will be getting three items
all be will wrapped when received

But I will leave you with this:

jedna vec je niečo, čo sa blyští, ideálny pre prázdninové sezóny!
ένα από τα άλλα στοιχεία είναι τα πράγματα που θα σας κάνουν να νιώσετε, OH, δεν ξέρω! ίσως θα αφήσει λίγο τα χέρια σας μυρίζει FANTABULOUS, ενδεχομένως ανανεωμένοι, moisterized. . . ό, τι αυτό το πράγμα θα σας κάνει να αισθανθείτε σαν. να κάνει τα πάντα, ακόμη περισσότερο, για το παρόν υπάρχουν δύο στοιχεία. η άλλη είναι γυαλιστερή.
i treti është krejtësisht një nga të preferuarat e mia unë jam duke i dhënë! Unë nuk e vetë atë ende, por unë jam pozitive kam ............... të paktën një nga ............... mbi të dhe kjo është super i mrekullueshëm! ajo tregon se çfarë e Krishtlindjeve është mbi të gjitha!

haha I'm so mean. THREE different languages?! Heck to the yes darlin'. Heck to the yes.
(Just incase you need it: one language starts with A, the other G, and the other S.)
Have fun with Google Translate! :)

Here is how to enter!!!!

1. You must be a follower to this blog to enter.
2. Comment what your favorite family holiday tradition is, your favorite thing about the holidays, and one thing you want for Christmas!
3. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. IF YOU ARE YOUNGER (don't worry-you can still enter!), please have your parent's permission. Please also say in your comment you have your parent's approval.

Deadline to enter is Wednesday, December 18 (2013). 
One entry per person, please.

Please spread the word about this giveaway!!!!!!!! :D

Also, this giveaway is only open for y'all who live in the USA.
(Sorry! :( )

Winner will be announced sometime this week.

If are any problems with entering, please e-mail me at forveveramericangirl@gmail.com




Wednesday, December 11, 2013


What up y'all!?

Just a quick post to say hi.

Please stay tuned this weekend for......dun da da ddddunnnnn.........a GIVEAWAY! Woot Woot!
I will probably post it on SATURDAY, so please, keep your head up! :)

CALIFRONIA GURLS. why do I like this song so much? Because of Just Dance. Do you know how bad I want five stars on "California Gurls?" It's really the only song I'm really good at! :)




Friday, December 6, 2013

St. Nick & Songs You Have To Listen To. . .

This morning, we got to see what Saint Nicholas brought us! I got: Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped In Red CD, dark chocolate covered pomegranate (which are like, heaven!), a sled, a dress, snow bootsand nail polish! Thanks, St. Nick!

^this was not meant to brag or show off in any way! :)^


I absolutely LOVE these songs! (They are also super addictive)

Hope you had a great day!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Joys are "Oh, so fine!"

It is a gorgeous Winter Wonderland outside. . .I am so in the Christmasy, jolly, joyful mood! (+it was a half day at school today, which adds on to the joy :)

Today I'm showing a few things on my Christmas wish list!

WWF's Build Your Own Bucket! I am a lover of plush animals, and you are giving a donation to the WWF! I don't know which animals I want; I'm hoping to be surprised! :D

I'm not positive of which one I really like. I either want American Girl's Sparkle Party Dress or Brocade Holiday Dress! I don't want both, so I also hope I'll get surprised on which I will get!

Just Dance 2014. I <3 Just Dance 3, and this is the most recent one that came out, I really would like to try it out!

Hope ya like this! 


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Funday #6

(photos found on Bing Images)

<3, <3, and <3 this new song by Taylor!! :)

I also <3 this older song by Carrie!! :)

(photos found on Pinterest)
I totally stink at painting my nails. I must ask my mom if she can do a cute design on my nails this week. Must!

Basilmentos again. This girl is really talented. Watch them ALL! They are super cute and super well made, + they'll put you in the holiday spirit! :D

By the way, I'm still trying to process the fact that this it is the last month of 2013. WHAT??!!!??

Have a fantastic Sunday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


You probably recognize the AG doll photos from last year's fall. Yeah, sorry folks! No new picture of my dollies and their Thanksgiving this year. If we hadn't moved, you would totally, 100% sure you would get a new picture of them having their dinner!

Anyways, please enjoy a photo of my dolls' Thanksgiving supper last year, Snoopy & Woodstock wishing you a great one, and one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken with a point-shoot digital camera. 

Adios, fellas! Have a FANTABULOUS Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips & Ideas for creating and making your Christmas wish list!

Yes, yes, I know, let's get through Thanksgiving first, but hey!? I'm sure the majority of you are at LEAST thinking about you want!

Pretty much this post are some tips & ideas to make a good Christmas wish list. Hope you enjoy this, and if you are struggling with making YOUR wish list, hope this helps!

(words in green is the "main idea" of the step
 words in red are important words to think about while making your wish list
 all steps are numbered!)

1. Think about what you want! I know this seems pretty obvious, but if you stop and think, and write down what you are already dreaming about, it will help STATE THE OBVIOUS. Rather than starting by browsing through the Forever 21 catalog and looking at everything on americangirl.com. (Think about stuff you've wanted all year, for a long time, or maybe even that sweater you thought was cute while you were in Target with your mom running errands!)

2. Make your wishlist! I personally like typing my wishlist on e-mail, so I can send it to my mom. Here is an example of what it MIGHT look like (this is not my wishlist):

What do you notice? Bullet points, links, little star thingies. . .
WHOAH!! Slow down! Each thing you notice has a purpose to be there. 

-Bullet points 
help organize your list of items; instead of just randomly listing things or using commas. They also help show you are moving on to a different item.

-link to item 
help your parents by taking them to a site where you can get/buy/order the item, and what the item looks like

-*'s (or other symbols)
labels the items you want the most

shows the store where you can buy the item

-Be sure to state the name of the item!!!

OR if you so choose to write on paper, be sure to do everything like you would typing (^above^) on e-mail, but you don't need the link. (You can also try printing pictures of the items, because you don't have a link)

3. This is totally optional, but subtracting things of the list you don't want or need that much will help your parents a ton. If you have the stuff you don't want that much taken off the list, it will also show that you are not trying to be, well, greedy. I would do this before you hit send so you don't have to tell your mom "Oh, yeah. I don't really want that anymore!"   


Okay, this is for if you are having trouble deciding what you want!

So you are having trouble thinking of what you want?
I had the same problem, sister!!

First, here are some of my favorite stores along with a link showing you what I want! I hope this gives you some ideas! :

FOREVER 21 (KIDS): sweaters! 
It's fall isn't it? Winter's comin' too! Get those sweaters, girl!

AMERICAN GIRL: holiday dress!
All of my dolls have to have something pretty to wear for Christmas!

WWF: create your own bucket!
Your giving and getting!!!!!

TARGET: just dance 2014
What could be better? You're listening to the hit songs while getting exercise. 

Did these not help? 
Okay, simply browse the Internet on your favorite store's sites for ideas, or watch these:

Kaelyn Shows You What She Got For X-mas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SefV190Ctxc

What Jenna got for Christmas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgK95fkaMZY

Favorites for Your Christmas Wish List http://www.youtube.com/watchv=g4dXW_YDPmE&feature=c4-

What I got for Christmas 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By74dliId6s

Sometimes seeing what others got for Christmas an help you think about what you want!

Also, things like candles and perfume are good things to ask for too. (If you like scented things, that is)
Oh, and don't forget CDs and movies!

HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Funday #5

*all videos are clean

YES. Thank you, my dear mother.

Who doesn't do this?!

I'm going to do this one day.

This girl is talented.

So, that's about it!
BTW: I'm on Thanksgiving break!! I will try to post frequently this week-stat tuned!


Thursday, November 21, 2013




Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Funday #4

True. True. Very true.


Yes. Just, yes.


These 3 pieces = one of the most cutest fall outfits ever.
I would wear it.

This would also be cute.


Have a FANTABULOUS Sunday!!!!


P.S. Photos and video not mine.