Saturday, June 29, 2013

Which doll to get?

So. . . . . Tuesday I'm going to the American Girl place!
Whoo-hoo! :D
I have been saving up for at least a year, so I. Am. Freaking. Out. With. Total. Excitement.
And I am also getting a doll! :D

Which doll to get?

I'm getting a personal shopper, (because I am getting a doll) so I can have some help deciding. :)

This is the doll I THOUGHT I was going to get for sure:

I <3ed her at first sight. With her auburn hair, freckles, blue eyes, her love of horses and art, and her super cute collection, I just knew I was going to get her! Though I have been wanting one with straight hair, I loved her too much I didn't care. 
But after awhile, I started getting second thoughts.
I WANTED one with straight hair for so long. I love curly haired dolls, but curly was much more harder to take care of. I also only have one straight haired doll, which was another reason why I didn't want one with curly hair.
I'm really tired of having to manage four other dolls with curly hair, so I would really like one with easy-to-care-for straight hair.
So, I'm probably not going to get her.

So, I started looking at the MAGs. (Because an MAG doll was also the type of doll I was originally saving up for.) I still wanted one with red hair, and I thought these two were super cute. But!, Then I realized that sense most of my dolls are light skinned, it would be a great addition to my collection if I got an African-American doll.

I thought this one was really pretty, so she might possibly come home with me! 

This one is also really pretty. I do already have one Madame Alexander that is African-American, so she would also be a great addition to my collection.

So, what do you think? 
Do have any favorite AG dolls?
Will you be getting one soon?


P.S. I'm trying not be raciest. (I NEVER want to!) I just want to add different dolls to my collection. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013


Yesterday I went to the aquarium as a field trip with my day camp I was doing. My dad and my sister also went. 
Here are some photos I took there:

I had a lot of fun, though it was realllllllllyyyyyy crowded.
There I also learned that fish are one of the hardest things to photograph ever.
But the the starfish seemed to corporate with me. ;)


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lemonade (and cupcake!) Stand!


Yeaterday my brother and I had a Lemonade and Cupcake Stand!

(The sun was in my eyes. I also couldn't find my sunglasses. :P)

Though it was boring, it was fun too!
We also made a good amount of money too. :)

Maybe we will do it again next year! :D


Saturday, June 22, 2013

I forgot the camera in the car and dropped my ear bud in a glass of water.

Great title, huh!

Whooh! I'm back from Girl Scout camp!

So I forgot the camera in the car. Ao no pictures of high ropes, counselor crazy talent/fashion show,  or a pretty sunset. It stinks. But hey, still have my memories! *awkward* Yeah. . .
Well, I guess I can still tell 'ya about it!

5 minute showers.
Horseback riding.
Me and one other girl going climbing up to London Bridge going all the way across and back on high ropes.
(yes it was only me and one other girl went across the whole think and back. And we did pretty quickly. BTW: It also stunk because we could only do one thing: the Catwalk or london bridge. Oh and we we're the ONLY two who went across the whole thing and back on the Catwalk and London Bridge. Proud feelings! :D)
Beautiful sunsets.
Funny skits.
Tying a hamburger for the first time. (I bet many of you are like :O)
Walking. A lot.
Drinking lots of water.
Talking about chickens. (Don't ask, I forgot why we started talking about chickens. :P)
Getting clothes washed and 11 girls (counting me) taking an extra shower because there was a girl with horse allergies and she an allergic reaction.
Learning about Zodiacs, genetics, and doing invisible ink in Science and Nature.
Art's n't Crafts.
Indoor rock climbing.
Pipe cleaner fire because Colorado is on fire ban.
And more!

Now you are probably wondering about the ear dropped in water.
Okay, so my little brother wanted to show me what him and Mom got my Daddy for Father's day. I was on the computer. My brother noticed my glass of water on the counter. He said "Hey! You are not supposed to have water near the computer!"  I said it was just water. Then, as getting out of the chair, and taking out my ear buds, One of the ear buds dropped in the glass of water. Wow. Now I really shouldn't water near the computer before it spills. :D :P :O.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sleep away camp!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for sleep away camp with my sister! So I won't be posting.

Now I know I haven't been posting much-I don't have any topics! 
Well, I guess I can post this:

I made this on Polyvore the other day. :)

We haven't been doing a whole bunch of interesting things this week, but I will probably bring our camera and take some pictures! :)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More songs. . .on my playlist!

Just a few more songs I may have forgotten to put on my playlist! :)

Come & Get It-Selena Gomez

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift

Forgot To Laugh-Bridget Mendler

Top of the World-Bridget Mendler

Ready or Not-Bridget Mendler

The Fall Song-Bridget Mendler

All I See is Gold-Bridget Mendler

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Sunday, June 9, 2013

BACK!!! :D


I'm back, and the wait-to-post was shorter than expected! :D

On the way here, we passed through St. Luis and saw the arch through our window! It was very cool! :)

We went through the whole state of Kansas. And it was looooong and very flat. :P

Anyways, we went through Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.
Two very long days of driving.
But hey, we're here! :)


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I am moving.
So, I won't be posting for awhile. 
I'm not sure how long, I guess when I get the chance.
I'm not sure if you know where I'm moving, so here are some hints-you get to guess!

-It will take 17 hours to drive there, from my house, here in TN.

-It has an American Girl place

-It's got mountains, it's got rivers,
It's got sights to give you shivers...

Once again, it will take awhile for me to get back to posting. Hopefully it won't be long and I can get back to posting! :)


P.S. Don't know where we are moving? Click here to find out! :D

Monday, June 3, 2013