Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I love Taylor Swift.

I love Taylor Swift. A lot. :)

(all photos are found on Pinterest and put into collages on Picmonkey :)

These are my favorite songs by her:

 Love Story
Sparks Fly
Speak Now
Long Live
State of Grace
I Knew You Were Trouble
We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together
Girl At Home

Though I some better than others,  all of them are amazing. She is very talented. :) Great job Taylor. :) One day I'm going to get something from your store. :)

Anyone else love her?


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Traveling is literally like the best thing ever. Though I've never been out of the country-I need to. :)  I absolutely love going on airplanes. Period. 
And just to let you know, I will happily get up at 4 in the morning to go on and airplane.

Keep calm y'all. :)

Paris, some pretty place in Chili, and Honolulu. I need to go to Hawaii. Now. 

 Universal Studios Orlando an the Mall of America. Two of my favorite places.

Italy and London. I don't know what the other two places are called. :P

AG place D.C. I think, a cool place in Russia, and New York City.

FYI: All photos are not mine. I haven't been to any of these place except Universal and the Mall of America. :)


Saturday, January 26, 2013



As you can tell from the post title, this post is about well, fashion. 
Though I'm not really a big fashionista, (right now anyway) I do like to look at clothes and shoes. (That I will hopefully/probably wear in the future) 
This just cute stuff I found on Pinterest. So, yeah. 

Oh, and I do not really like neon colors or Justice. 
Neon in my opinion is just to much. Sometimes I don't mind it. But seriously, I am never wearing a blinding your eyes out yellow and pink shirt covered with sparkles and peace signs or hearts. Never.

Which is what Justice seems to be. (neon) Though I do own a few things from Justice, which I think are grey sports shorts and two hand-me-down tank tops. Which I think that is it. Also, does anyone agree with me that Justice sells clothes for people my age (and younger) that are stuff that teenagers wear??????

I do think that Justice does sell some cute and OK things, but a lot of it is just plain ugh.
(and these are my opinions, so please respect them)

Now for some adorable fashion stuff on Pinterest! (put in collages by me on PicMonkey and click to enlarge) :D

 Cute, huh? :)
There are still some/a lot of fashion things on Pinterest I want to show you, so there maybe will be a part 2!
I hope you enjoyed my post!
Please comment! :)  
Have a great afternoon!
~E~ :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Won A Giveaway! :D

Hello, people of the world!


Liz, at http://www.americangirlfan.com/ was giving away Blam Bands!

Cute aren't they? :)
This is pretty cool-I never won a giveaway before! :D
(photo are taken by Liz)
Liz, I just e-mailed you! :)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stars and Snowflakes

Stars and snowflakes, two very pretty things in life.

photo found on Bing Images

photo found on Bing Images

photo found on Bing Images

photo found on Bing Images

photo found on Bing Images

photo taken by me, E.

Stars are very big. Snowflakes are very small. But still very pretty. :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I love You.

I love You, Lord.

photos found on Pinterest

Dear Father,
I love You.
Thank you for everything.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Friends are Fun! :D

Hi, readers!
Today I had a friend over (who we're going to call A) and we took lots of silly photos! :P :0 ;) :) :D

(Crazy hair :P)

(Me cracking up :P)

(More crazy hair :P)

Friends are fun! :)
Love ya A! :D
See you at school tomorrow! :)