Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caroline Abbot!

Hello! Well AG has shown little miss Caroline on Face book. So, here she is!

OK, people, look at Caroline's dress. IT'S FELICITY'S SUMMER DRESS IN PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Why AG? Plus she comes in P-I-N-K. Pink!!!! I am going to list all the AG dolls that come in pink

1. Marie-Grace

2. Addy

3. MAG's

4. Bitty Babys

I do think she looks good in that color of pink though.

This is off subject, but I am saving up for a new AG doll. I do have room for a new one. But I'm not going to buy her for awhile. Before you ask, I don't know which one I'll buy. I'll decide when I buy. It's going to be one with straight hair.

What do you think of Caroline?

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