Friday, November 23, 2012

What's been happing here. . .

Last week I saw Bridget Mendler, Boys Like Girls, and Meagan & Liz sing live. (my sister, Margux took the photo)

Wanting snow.

On Wed. I did my little neighbor's hair.
(doesn't she look cute!?)
Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving. (duh!) With wonderful pies and hot apple cider.

Loving Saige. (American Girl GOTY 2013)

Excited I have $122.25 for a new AG doll. (maybe I'll
by Saige!)

Reading and enjoying Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Being excited about Christmas!         Reading other blogs.

Listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Red.        Eating yummy Cuties. :)      
Watching Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas (love this movie!)          Posting. :)



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  1. My gosh, I just love all those things! I just adore Saige (but I'm not buying her! I'm leaning towards Cecile!) And I just LOVE Taylor Swift's Album! And of course I'm psyched for Christmas!!!!! :D