Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips & Ideas for creating and making your Christmas wish list!

Yes, yes, I know, let's get through Thanksgiving first, but hey!? I'm sure the majority of you are at LEAST thinking about you want!

Pretty much this post are some tips & ideas to make a good Christmas wish list. Hope you enjoy this, and if you are struggling with making YOUR wish list, hope this helps!

(words in green is the "main idea" of the step
 words in red are important words to think about while making your wish list
 all steps are numbered!)

1. Think about what you want! I know this seems pretty obvious, but if you stop and think, and write down what you are already dreaming about, it will help STATE THE OBVIOUS. Rather than starting by browsing through the Forever 21 catalog and looking at everything on americangirl.com. (Think about stuff you've wanted all year, for a long time, or maybe even that sweater you thought was cute while you were in Target with your mom running errands!)

2. Make your wishlist! I personally like typing my wishlist on e-mail, so I can send it to my mom. Here is an example of what it MIGHT look like (this is not my wishlist):

What do you notice? Bullet points, links, little star thingies. . .
WHOAH!! Slow down! Each thing you notice has a purpose to be there. 

-Bullet points 
help organize your list of items; instead of just randomly listing things or using commas. They also help show you are moving on to a different item.

-link to item 
help your parents by taking them to a site where you can get/buy/order the item, and what the item looks like

-*'s (or other symbols)
labels the items you want the most

shows the store where you can buy the item

-Be sure to state the name of the item!!!

OR if you so choose to write on paper, be sure to do everything like you would typing (^above^) on e-mail, but you don't need the link. (You can also try printing pictures of the items, because you don't have a link)

3. This is totally optional, but subtracting things of the list you don't want or need that much will help your parents a ton. If you have the stuff you don't want that much taken off the list, it will also show that you are not trying to be, well, greedy. I would do this before you hit send so you don't have to tell your mom "Oh, yeah. I don't really want that anymore!"   


Okay, this is for if you are having trouble deciding what you want!

So you are having trouble thinking of what you want?
I had the same problem, sister!!

First, here are some of my favorite stores along with a link showing you what I want! I hope this gives you some ideas! :

FOREVER 21 (KIDS): sweaters! 
It's fall isn't it? Winter's comin' too! Get those sweaters, girl!

AMERICAN GIRL: holiday dress!
All of my dolls have to have something pretty to wear for Christmas!

WWF: create your own bucket!
Your giving and getting!!!!!

TARGET: just dance 2014
What could be better? You're listening to the hit songs while getting exercise. 

Did these not help? 
Okay, simply browse the Internet on your favorite store's sites for ideas, or watch these:

Kaelyn Shows You What She Got For X-mas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SefV190Ctxc

What Jenna got for Christmas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgK95fkaMZY

Favorites for Your Christmas Wish List http://www.youtube.com/watchv=g4dXW_YDPmE&feature=c4-

What I got for Christmas 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By74dliId6s

Sometimes seeing what others got for Christmas an help you think about what you want!

Also, things like candles and perfume are good things to ask for too. (If you like scented things, that is)
Oh, and don't forget CDs and movies!

HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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