Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fashion: Part 2

Hey, gals!
O.K. , so I know my last fashion post was like, forever ago, (not really, haha) and I said I might do a part 2. So, um here it is! :) ( I know it's kind late. I thought I wasn't going to do a part 2. . .:P)

Okay, here are some cute stuff from my Pinterest board:

 I need this! :)

Love this dress! 

Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck dress! Isn't it gorgeous?

Now, some cute stuff from Delia's:


So cute! :)

I think this would also look great with a belt. :)

Hope you enjoyed this! :)

OO (hugs :),

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  1. I love the clothes! My favorite is the last dress!