Friday, February 1, 2013

The Best Way to Start off February is With. . .

SNOW!!!!! :D
Hello, readers! I have a story to tell you! (and photos! :)

So this story starts this morning when my alarm clock went off at 6:30. I turned it off, then went back to bed because I didn't feel like getting up. Normally my sister would wake me up at 6:40. (I just started using my alarm clock) Because I didn't feel like getting up. :P (oh, and my curtains were closed so I didn't see the snow) So I was in my bed. (Duh!) Around 6:40, my sister came in and got me up. She opened my curtain and said, "Yeah, were having school today." I answered, "I know." sorta confused. I mean why wouldn't we have school today? I went to my window and saw it. SNOW. That was the second snowfall we had this winter. (it wasn't snowing when I looked out the window) The first snowfall melted quickly and didn't stick. :(  We didn't get a lot of snow, but it was still AWESOME.
        Now her is the crazy part: I took our camera, went outside, still in PJ's, no shoes on just socks, no coat on, and took pictures. Yes, I know. I do that stuff. I really needed pictures of the snow (before it melted). I just did. And a lot of them turned out well, okay. :) :( When I finished taking as many photos as I could,  I headed towards the door and my dad was telling me to come in and get ready. (so, my dad came to get me  right when I was already about to go inside. Perfect timing. :) 
        My sister was in the bathroom (not actually using the bathroom. haha.) and I went in there to brush my teeth and stuff and I told her what I just did. She thought I was crazy and said, "So, you spent 10 minutes outside taking pictures?! Well, if we're late for school, it's not my fault." And guess what? We weren't late! HA. 

Okay, now since you (hopefully!) read my crazy story, here are some of the photos I took this morning!

(this one I actually took inside :)

(Which photo of the moon do you think is better? I know they aren't  the best photos, but zoom-in makes all of my photos not-so-great.)

This is what I cam outside in. My PO.P jammies and PO.P socks. :)
Oh, and BTW: It was very cold.

All the snow is mostly melted now, :'( so I'm glad I got photos of the beautiful white stuff the clouds let fall last night. Thank you, God for the snow and giving me time to get pictures of it with being late for school. :)  

Happy February!

~E~ :)

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