Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello! :)

Hello, all!
What did you do today? 
Today I went bowling, went on the computer, made paper snowflakes, played Clue, and listened to Bridget Mendler. 
I have some other (sorta random) things to tell you! :)
A younger friend of mine, received Caroline Abbott for Christmas! She brought her to my family's house when her family came over for dinner on Christmas day. She is so pretty! (I took a picture of her with Elizabeth at the right)
Well that's it for that thing.

  Isn't that lace dress (on left) just adorable?! (screen shot taken on Delia's website) Yes, I know that was random. Many things like that pop in to my mind all the time. But that's me all the time. (seriously!)

Adios, amigas!

 Hopefully a post soon!


P.S. Go to this blog: The Ramblings of Emma she's a super sweet blogger who would enjoy another visitor! (so would I. . .) :)

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